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For my Senbonzakura Luka cosplay, I had a few tricks that saved me from having to deal with it shifting around or falling shoulder straps and such. I think it’ll be helpful for many other outfits that deal with the same elements.

1. I used some pants closure hooks on the collar of the kimono to keep it closed at the level I needed it to. I’m not pro with kimono wearing, so my collar always gapes open as time goes by. (Also, I accidentally made this kimono a bit small so this really helped. Might also help more if I wore the proper padding at the waist but that’s another story…)

2. For the shoulder straps on the apron, I used a hook and eye set up: hook on the underside of the apron strap, eye on the kimono. My apron was a really smooth fabric that liked to slide down my shoulders, even at the right tension. Instead of using the eye portion though, I did a few loops with matching thread so that it’s invisible if I happen to not wear the kimono.

3. The back of the design concept has buttons at the top of the kimono. Even if it isn’t seen, I wanted to have it anyways I don’t even know why. Instead of doing actual buttons that stick out and would’ve snagged the wig all day, I used pearl top snaps.

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Here are some more WIP pictures of Amethyst’s gem that I probably should’ve included in this explanation WHOOPS

I hope this makes things a little more clear! The template is essentially 

  1. a circle
  2. a rupee in the middle
  3. lines connecting the rupee to the edges
  4. cut the lines, fold the rupees
  5. hot glue together
  6. wOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Skirrid Inn

Located in South Wales, it was built in the 12th century. Over the centuries, the inn has been used for many executions by hanging, as well as acting as a courthouse. Hundreds of people have been hung from the beam under the stairs, and the cell they were kept in before their hanging is now a storage room. Many current visitors to the inn have eerie stories to share, and often report finding welts around their neck, feeling their breathing restricted, and a few have sworn they have seen apparitions. among numerous other events. One woman swears she was held underwater by unseen hands while taking a bath in one room. Visitors and workers of the inn admit to the creepiness of the building, even if they don’t believe in ghosts.

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